We are an Art Outsource Studio focused on the creation of AAA quality Game Ready Assets. 

We have been operational since December 2017 and we have previously worked on a few Indie games.

Our Management:

Rajdeep Singh - Co-Founder/Senior Character Artist

Prashant Verma - Co-Founder/Technical Director

Nikhil John - Co-Founder/Producer

Hari K Nair - Head of Business Development


High Poly 3D Modelling:

We specialize in producing high-Poly Sculpts and 3D models of characters and 3D assets in all genres. Organic, clothing or hard-surface, we do them all.

Low Poly In game Model:

We create models with optimized geometry that are animation friendly and as per the technical guidelines of the engine.

Realistic and Stylized Textures:

We can produce high quality textures for realistic and stylized models. Along with PBR, we also use traditional way of texturing effortlessly.

Realtime Hair:

In-game hair cards with transparency map that blends with the model seamlessly.


We have an Inhouse team of 7 Z-Brush artists who are proficient in both Human Characters and Creatures. 


Most of our artists are Generalists hence we are proficient in wide no of software's such as Maya/Max/Substance Painter/Designer/Unity/Unreal Engine 4 etc.


Some projects may require the assets to be rigged for animation purposes. In that case also we have got you covered. We have Inhouse team of Riggers/Animators who are highly skilled at their work.