AR/VR Work Portfolio

At Ares Studio our Team of Artists are well equipped for everyone of your needs be it making VR ready assets or making that perfect VR Environment. The assets we make are photo-realistic AR/VR Assets with LODs and optimized geo/texture ready to be placed in gaming engines or virtual reality demos.

Browse through our Interactive Work. Feel Free to Zoom In & Out. Use 360 View. We guarantee you, we take care of pristine amount of details.

Industrial Equipment Visualization

We can help create that Industrial Equipment that you want to showcase to your clients. Every equipment we make will be photo-realistic & ready for AR/VR Integration.

Characters/Animals/Creatures Visualization

If your team is looking for that Characters/Creatures/Animals to be integrated into VR/AR Environment for providing the best VR/AR Experience we surely can help you. Our Team is well-versed in Modelling/Texturing/Rigging-anything you want. 

AR/VR Ready Environment Visualization

We can help create that perfect Environment for that awesome VR/AR Experience. Our Team of experts can help create that perfect terrain, jungles, mountains, interior or exterior architectural visualization - anything you require.


Furniture/Product Visualization

Our team takes special care when creating that Product Visualization for you.  Photo realistic visualization is what we are known for and we have our work to vouch for it.



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